Run quietly

Run quietly

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So many thoughts, a single way to express....

More times than not, not all of your Facebook friends actually care about your analytical thoughts. While some may be inspired, it is probably safe to say that the majority probably don't know what you mean when you speak in the language of miles, kilometres, splits, and elevation grades. While I do have a Facebook account, and use it regularly, I mainly use it for friends and family only.

I'm not entirely sure just how many thoughts go through the average human brain per minute, but I'm sure with each child you have, it can be multiplied by 5. Twitter limits my thought to 140 characters, which is why I don't find myself using Twitter much. How can one possibly shrink thoughts down to that size!?

Instagram is by far my favourite way to share. But in all honesty, I feel if I write more than a few sentences in my caption, it becomes redundant, and many don't have the time to read it all.

Being a wife, a stay at home mom of two by day, a working mom in the evenings/weekends, and a pre-dawn runner, way too many thoughts, and way too many ideas pass through my brain at any given moment. I know some thrive being busy, and living a fast paced life. Personally, I need solitude to recharge. I enjoy being productive, but I crave down time, and self care. As of late I have also found myself craving a single place to write it all down. I have attempted blogging before, and it felt forced, so I shut it down.

So here it goes! My second attempt at blogging. My second attempt at creating a single platform to organize my thoughts, ideas, and share about the things I find interesting helpful in my life. I hope I can inspire some, or spark a new thought process for an individual looking for change, or even just provide some entertainment!


  1. Your post about a divided social media life really hit home. I too have a Facebook which is largely for staying connected with friends and family. When I started running, I felt I was bombarding and boring them with all the photos and chatter. That lead to Twitter and Instagram. I love all three for different reasons, but found I was still looking for an outlet for documenting what I had learned in my training, and a place to celebrate, look back and ahead. Hence, a blog! Although I really don't have the time, I find it is worth it because it is rewarding to ME, as well as a great way to share with those family and friends that do want to follow my running journey.

    I look forward to reading more than 140 of your words :)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that Cathy! I agree, it is definitely more of an outlet for me. If people feel they want to read, they can head over and read it, if not great. :p Thoughts become way too complex and jumbled in my head. Writing it down organizes it for me. :)

    2. Writing always does that for me too :)