Run quietly

Run quietly

Monday, March 23, 2015

Race week nerves!

You are going through the training plan, things are going well, you are feeling confident, then you look at the calendar. Race week. EEEKKKK! How did this happen so quickly?!

I signed up for Around the Bay way back in November. It's very easy to register for a race. "first 30km race, surrreeeee, no problem!" Point, click, credit card info, voila! 30km here I come. It is quite a different feeling when it is looming around the corner, and not just in your computer.

A lot of firsts for me at this race. First time racing 30km, first time wearing my Grand River Endurance singlet, and my first race representing Altra Running. In past pressure has crushed me. Something like this list of firsts would nearly debilitate me, and keep me up at night. Too many expectations (self imposed), and not running a good race is NOT an option. (concocted in my type A mind only).

I have already second guessed what shoes I will wear, and what fuel to bring with me on the course. Never try anything new race day is a golden rule. I have to know that I have put in the work, and the miles are in my legs. Unfortunately, bubble wrapping myself until Sunday morning is not a realistic option. At this point there is not anymore fitness to be gained. Worrying that I have not done enough, or not trained properly is wasted energy. What I can do this week is work on my mental game, which is a weak spot for me. I need to arrive at the start line feeling confident, strong and able. And with a mind set that refuses to settle. The later kilometres of this race, I know I will have to dig deep. If I can arrive in Hamilton Sunday morning with a clear mind, and strong legs, I will be happy!

Can you believe this is my (at least) 40 something-ish race? I should probably count one day. You would think this would be WAY easier by now and these kind of things wouldn't even phase me. Just know that all your "why am I breathing so heavily during this easy run?", "is my nose getting stuffy?", "is this enough carbs?", "maybe I should google this, it may be a fracture.". Or my favourite, (and one I seem to do the week before every race) , nearly lunging away from anyone who emits even the smallest cough. Wanting to run screaming for the hills if someone close by sneezes. Why do we do this to ourselves again?! ;)

I'm sure most, if not all runners can relate! What crazy thoughts have you had the week before a race? I apologize in advance if you see me this week, and I seem "off", or just plain odd. :D I have rambled A LOT in this post. My nerves spilling out everywhere !

                                   EXCITED FOR AROUND THE BAY! 6 DAYS TO GO!



  1. you are going to freaking rock it. I know you will :)

  2. Even though I am not tapering for a race, I felt all the nerves you were describing in your blog post! Rest assured that we all go through it and I am glad you found a plan that worked for you, stuck with it, and are taking the time to recharge before Sunday! As for the coughs and sneezes... Mike and I are the same way! Every time we get on the train and hear someone cough of sneeze, it's not pretty... Anyway - so excited for you and everyone else running ATB this weekend! I wish I could go there and cheer for you all!!

  3. Love the layout and everything looks awesome! You got this! Put in an amazing build and if ever you get nervous just look back at your log and see how amazing you've done!

    I'll be there race day to cheer you on and give you all the encouragement you need. The last time I was that nervous I had a 2minute pb over 10k! So you're all set. and new race new distance guaranteed pb! So you're set!

    Just think of all those 30k long runs and one with just a wee bit of car trouble :)

    Go get it- but not this week, take er easy :)